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Identity Theft

From financial accounts to social media profiles, cybercriminals exploit every avenue to steal and exploit identities, wreaking havoc on both financial stability and personal reputation.

Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft continues to be one of the fastest growing, most sophisticated crimes in the U.S. NEVER share your username, password, or any other confidential information with anyone. Never reply to emails, pop-up messages, or phone callers that ask for your personal or financial information. OAK VALLEY COMMUNITY BANK WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO DISCLOSE YOUR PASSWORDS, PINs, OR CONFIDENTIAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION TO ANYONE.

While we employ the latest hardware and software technology to protect you and your privacy, USER AWARENESS IS CRITICAL FOR YOUR PROTECTION. The more often you look at your accounts, the better since you can recognize legitimate transactions versus something unusual. Together, we will be a formidable team in the fight against identity theft.

To learn more about protecting yourself, visit The FTC's Identity Theft Site. For a brochure on how to help prevent identity theft, click here. Or, click the following link for information from Deluxe, our check vendor, about their Deluxe Identity Guard. The Federal Trade Commission explains how to safeguard against Identity Theft.

As always, our dedicated Customer Service Department is available to answer any questions you may have at 866-844-7500.